Nearly all of us have dreamed of living in a small peaceful fishing town. Especially in this period of pandemics, we are much closer to this idea. Kalkan, the small Mediterranean harbor town, is just the place of our dreams with its great charm. Kalkan will undoubtedly be the favorite holiday destination this summer as it gives opportunities for a completely isolated holiday. Besides, its nature, rich history, and beautiful turquoise coast are the reasons to visit. It is time to experience an unforgettable holiday in the picturesque location of Kalkan. According to the Sunday Times, Kalkan attracts the kind of visitor who would also enjoy Tuscany or the Dordogne.


Although Kalkan is a small town, there are many attractions to visit around. During your Kalkan stay, Patara, one of the longest natural beaches in the world is a must to visit. Patara, which has a very important place throughout history as it is the only place that opens to the sea in the Xanthos Valley, was the capital of the Lycian civilization. You can spend a day on the Lycian Way – one of the world’s most spectacular walking routes.  Patara-Kalkan route is one of the mid-level tracks of the Lycian Way. Catch the sunset on the sand dunes of Patara. The sand dunes of Patara will make you feel like you are in the middle of a desert. Turkey’s best beaches are a short drive away. Look down on the picturesque bay of Kaputaş.  If you do not want to go too far from Kalkan center, there are quiet beaches in the center. Another option you can include in your Kalkan holiday is the Blue Tour. Spending an isolated day in the middle of the sea on sterilized boats will feel like therapy.

Kalkan, has become a popular destination with its unique atmosphere for those who want to enjoy a quiet holiday in its stylish accommodation options, restaurants, and peaceful atmosphere. Here is your Kalkan travel guide, from food and drink to the surrounding attractions:




Kalkan is far from a small seaside town. It is home to world-famous ancient cities, magnificent bays, and beaches. There are a lot of attractions you can visit and a lot of activities you can do. You can enjoy canoeing on the Xanthos River, paragliding, scuba diving, light trekking, mountain biking, and water sports.

The Old Town

The old town of Kalkan will fascinate you with its narrow streets that are lined with whitewashed shattered buildings, shops surrounded with bougainvillea. An eclectic mix of  Greek architecture, with terrace-topped restaurants, and lovely views of the sea, the old town is a place you will want to discover and enjoy. In this charming town, all the streets twist down to the harbor. 

The Beaches of Kalkan

Without getting too far from the center, you can find some of Turkey’s finest beaches. With its ice-cold water and turquoise color, you should definitely swim in the Kalkan public beach. Yali Beach Club, Kalamar Beach Club, Mahal Beach Club, Kalkan Beach Park are the beaches where you can swim and spend your whole day in a comfortable and relaxed environment. 

Patara Beach and the Ancient City

Patara beach and the ancient ruins are wonderful places to visit during your Kalkan stay. Patara is Turkey’s longest uninterrupted beach as well as a swag of atmospheric Lycian ruins. Its sand is thin, the sea is shallow and generally wavy. Watch the sunset in Patara sand dunes. You will be amazed. The desert scene of some of the old Turkish movies was shot here, you will take great photos. Patara Ancient City, which was built as a port city, was the capital of the Lycian Civilization. At the archaeological site, you will see dozens of unique historical ruins of the ancient city.

A Blue Paradise Kaputaş 

The world-famous Kaputaş with its fifty shades of blue, unspoiled naturalness is a must-visit when you are on a holiday here.  It is one of the most beautiful virgin beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. This fine sandy beach is only 10 minutes to Kalkan. 

The Blue Cave

The blue cave is one of the hidden natural beauties you should see in the region. It is outstandingly beautiful. The cave can be reached only by boat from Kalkan. It takes its name from the dazzling blue hue of the water. If you are interested in diving, you can dive here regardless of your level.

İslamlar Village

Kalkan is not only attractive with its sea, sun and sand but also with its villages located in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Set in the mountains amongst beautiful scenery, İslamlar is 15 minutes drive from Kalkan. You can enjoy local trout farm restaurants where they serve trout and authentic Turkish food. Visit also historical water-powered millstone in İslamlar Village. 

Bezirgan Village

Bezirgan Village, where you will see the traces of Yörük and Turkmen culture, is another place that will add color to your Kalkan holiday. A lot of local people spend their summer in the coolness of the mountains and winters near the warm coast. Bezirgan is an example of this culture and it has a different environment from what you see on the coast. There are also several Lycian ruins to be seen within the village. You can walk among the stone houses of the village, which has a history of 300 years. 

Saklıkent Canyon

It is a natural wonder where the icy water hides among the rocks. A magnificent hiking trail awaits you with its sparkling white waters flowing beneath you. Take suitable shoes with you as you will be navigating both in water and on rocks. Saklıkent Canyon, which is part of Fethiye, is 45 minutes away from Kalkan. You can go in your own vehicle or take a private tour.

Xanthos Ancient City 

Be sure to add this ancient city, which is built on two hills by the Xanthos river and will take you back to the past with its centuries-old ruins, to your Kalkan tour. Xanthos is included in the World. There are many rock tombs, sarcophagus, and monumental tombs made with traditional architecture. Xanthos Ancient City is 20 minutes away from Kalkan.



Kalkan will satisfy you with its cuisine as well as its attractions. Although seafood is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Mediterranean, the flavors of the nomadic tradition are also at the forefront in Antalya cuisine. Antalya cuisine combines an amazing variety of colors. In the old town, there are a lot of restaurants that offer great tastes with both seafood and meat-based dishes.

Saloniki Meyhane, Ata Meze, Mey Meze, Yalı Beach Club are the addresses where you can enjoy delicious food and drink with some good music.

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